It’s kind of like a Zen riddle — mindfulness changes everything and yet it doesn’t change anything.

Well, I want to tell you two things:

  1. Mindfulness is not a silver bullet. It’s not a magic trick that all-of-a-sudden eliminates stress and gives you the life of your dreams.
  2. Whenever I speak with people who have integrated a mindfulness practice into their lives, the phrase they almost always use to describe it is this:


Nothing changes, and yet everything changes. The profound transformation that occurs takes place within you. You choose to relate to the stressors in life more skilfully.

1. You realize you are not your thoughts.

Mindfulness taught me that my thoughts are not reality. They’re just thoughts. They’re passing mental phenomena. They are story and interpretation.

This simple change in perspective is TRULY LIBERATING.

2. You don’t sweat the small stuff.

We spend so much of our day caught up in habitual reactions. Our child throws a fit and our heart starts racing and we react un-skilfully.

3. You appreciate things more.

4. You develop greater compassion.

5. You learn the art of acceptance.

Here is a list of of the potential benefits of mindfulness:

  • A greater connection with the body, thereby being able to act better in it’s interests.
  • Improved personal relationships, as mindfulness helps place a check on automatic reactions; it also enables us to listen more effectively
  • A greater acceptance of troublesome thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness also allows us to let go of these before they can develop and have a negative impact on us.
  • There is growing medical evidence that regular meditation makes positive improvements to the way the brain works and also other aspects of the body.
  • Improvements to memory, concentration and cognitive ability.
  • A dramatic reduction in levels of stress and anxiety.
  • An improved ability to fall to sleep at night.
  • An improved relationship with pain brought about by learning how to accept the pain and become more at peace with it instead of being locked in constant struggle.
  • A general feeling of wellbeing.
  • A rise in productivity brought about by being able to deal with distractions more effectively.
  • Increased creativity brought about by being able to let go of doubts that otherwise might be a hindrance to creativity.

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