This program reboots & rewires your brain because it achieves the results you haven’t seen anywhere, yet.

The deprivation of restrictive diets may lead to a diet-overeat or diet-binge cycle. And since your body doesn't want you to starve, it responds to overly-restrictive diets by slowing your metabolism which of course makes it harder to trim away excess weight.

That’s why starting TRIM System90TM Maeve sent the message below today because she found a solution that means there’s a proven way with outstanding results:

hahaha my friends were wondering whatever it was it felt really powerful and its left an impact - I was telling my friend the whole thing and she started crying and so did I. I think its your approach and making me feel so comfortable and not this fat failure who is about to die of a heart attack.

For some reason that day I had that session I cant get out of my head that scenario on the plane with me arriving into Memphis and how I havent saw myself in a long time…..I want it to be real! So I am doing well with my weight loss - got to hang on in over 20lbs down but obviously got so much to go. Every day I think of that plane but also I think of how good I will feel and how good I am feeling just now just knowing I am slowly chipping away at this.

You have such a fantastic motivating non judgemental way about you and that day has had a big impact on me…… You are amazing!!!... I cant imagine the amount of people you help but I always felt like it was game over but not any more - so thank you xx


Diets simply don't work, this plan originating from Australia is quite simply the most effective way to achieve the results that you may previously have struggled with.  It includes the most effective step by step process for amazing results.  The program is supported with home CD's that give you the power to achieve your goals like no other system.  Underpinning the success is the rewiring of your thoughts towards your diet based on Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy® - TLT

Week 1

Session 1- Discovery session: The emotional, Biochemical (hormonal), and nutritional components. I ask the questions from ‘taking a detailed personal history’ until I get the underlying emotional root cause. We also examine and make any necessary changes to the three pillars of achieving ideal weight and shape: Nutrition, Exercise/Movement and Sleep. You will be asked to make some possible changes to your diet if necessary. Session length is 2-3 Hours.

Week 2

Session 2-  Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy to remove all those emotions and blocks. that allows us to make any changes that may accelerate the realisation of your ideal weight. We are able to track your progress and make any necessary changes in your unconscious mind which controls 90% of our behaviours, thoughts and emotions. Session length 2-3 hours.

Week 5

Session 3- Coaching session + Additional Hypnotherapy if necessary. We can examine your progress and remove any other possible blockages that would stop us from achieving your ideal weight and shape. We also make any necessary changes to diet and nutrition that can accelerate results. Session Length 1-2 hours.

Week 9

Session 4- Coaching session for sustained success. Here we ensure and give you all of the tools and resources to maintain your ideal weight and shape so that you may live a long healthy fulfilling life. You are able to be totally independant in sustaining your results and make this a permanent change. Session Length 2 hours.