This process is a permanent solution to panic attacks and anxiety.
The impact is often instantaneous or it may take a little practice to realise the full extent of the changes at a deep unconscious level. Either way, this is a life changing program that almost resets your whole system at the deepest levels of your mind and body.

The techniques seem very simple to use, however please do not underestimate their power. There is an underlying complex structure to this program that requires each client to complete the full program. So please if your anxiety or panic attacks disappear and they are feeling better prior to completing the full program, you must keep going. The goal is to be permanently free of these feelings or terrifying episodes, so completing the entire program is vital.

As a holistic treatment, it is very important that we remove the cause of the anxiety or panic attacks at the root of their existence, so as to ensure an infinitely better quality of life.

The ultimate goal is to help you to empower and heal yourself, because we all have that potential, and we can all be self-sufficient, taking care of our health instead of handing that power over to therapists, doctors anyone else.

There are different stages and techniques. For clients who are suffering with high-anxiety levels and panic attacks, it is vitally important to teach you how to stop those IMMEDIATELY.

The Vicious Circle

Panic attacks can be terrifying. Clients who suffer from panic attacks report that it feels like they are having a heart attack with tightness in the chest, pounding heart, sweaty palms and difficulty breathing. They think they are going to die. These attacks can leave people feeling exhausted and unwell. They can lead to serious levels of anxiety and depression.

When someone is in the grip of fear, it really does feel as if they might die.

This creates a viscous circle that rapidly spirals downward and out of control.

As that terrible feeling increases, so does the fear and as they begin to spiral into even worse levels of fear, which in turn increases the symptoms … shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, and so on, it continues to fuel the fear that they really are about to die.

And each time they have an attack it gets a little bit worse ... and then, they find themselves not being able to cope with the fear, even when they are NOT having an attack? This leads to anxiety and avoidance of situations where they might not be safe should they have an attack, such as driving, shopping etc. Over a period of time this leads to more anxiety, isolation and depression.

And then, after every single attack, what do they replay in their mind... the attack itself and how terrifying it was – not the fact that they survived it.