Andrew Stewart - NLP, Hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy® Master Coach

Welcome to i-life, just a little about my background.  My interest in NLP & Hypnotherapy began almost 30 years ago when I used it to turn my life around.  From years of bullying I ended up even more shy and introverted.  Both claustrophobic in crowds and terrified to speak to strangers because I had very low self esteem and zero self confidence.

Then I discovered how to reboot my brain, change the self talk and self image that I had morphed into, to get back to the self confident & outgoing person I'd buried under the mask I was hiding under.

Fast forward now I'm at ease frequently infront of audiences of 20, 250 or 2500 because my outlook, confidence and vision feels rock solid.  What gives me most passion though is being able to pass on the techniques and mind mastery skills because all of us have the potential to make change because it's easy to do when you know how.

Initially I began study in Dietetics & Nutrition but diverged into holistic treatments.  My therapy background experience started 25 years ago in Sports & Therapeutics mainly back pain, sports injuries and whiplash.  After also working in Retail Training and as Japan Airlines Crew I now operate Metro Laser Clinic too.

NLP, Hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy® Master Coach

Verified American Board of Hypnotherapy Member

Member Time Line Therapy®