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Wh​y i-life Dynamic Hypnotherapy?:
​So lets imagine you have a painful toothache, would you even consider going to the Dentist weekly for a year and talk over how it made you feel? 

​​Or would you expect rapid results to make you feel way better at the first session, then resolve the issue quickly, without paying a small fortune?

Arrange a free discovery call today

No obligation and certainly no heavy sales approaches, just a quick chat to get to know how we can work together to makes rapid changes for you now.

Andrew specifically tailors each program to meet the individual needs of each and every client. Individuals seek out hypnosis to assist with, or overcome a multitude of challenges, including weight loss hypnosis, self-esteem, stop smoking, sleep enhancement , stress relief, eliminating bad habits, peak performance, overcoming limiting beliefs, fears & phobias, improved test taking, pain relief, creative blocks, stammering, relationship enhancement, depression, lose weight hypnosis, focus, substance abuse, PTSD, childhood trauma, negative self-talk, memory enhancement, speaking in public, obsessive thoughts, moving on after a breakup, forgiving oneself, spiritual awareness, test taking anxiety, and self-empowerment.


“You have changed my life. As simple as that. You are so gifted, yet so normal. When I hit 6 stone hopefully in the spring, I am going to write a big article on my first meeting with you and how after years of going to every different slimming club there is, all it took was 2 hours of talking and crying with you for something to FINALLY click. When I got into my car I remember SLAMMING the car door shut so hard with this sheer RIGHT THATS IT, THINGS ARE DIFFERENT..............and so they were!!!..60lbs less fat!!”

You have such a fantastic motivating non judgemental way about you and that day has had a big impact on me…… You are amazing!!!... I cant imagine the amount of people you help but I always felt like it was game over but not any more - so thank you xx

*name changed to protect client confidentiality, quote used with permission in line with ilife strict confidentaility policy.

This has been the single most effective therapeutic experience of my life. I have suffered immensely with no self-worth due to an awful childhood and eventual suicidal attempts. I've had counselling and CBT yet nothing really helped and despite my logical and highly analytical mind, I never found anything that works to help me heal from within. This approach and technique is absolutely mesmerising. I'm so incredibly grateful to Andrew for doing this for me. This is not a short-term makeover, this will permanently erase your low self-worth and provide you with your own self-created sense of inner love and respect that you know you deserve. All of those childhood difficulties have completely lost their grip on me and I finally feel truly self-loving. I cannot rate or recommend him highly enough. Get to Andrew immediately for the best therapy you could possibly get. Thank you so much for helping me to heal and live happily for the first time in my life. Erin L xx

Erin L

The i-life programs include the most ​advanced hypnosis and NLP techniques.  Hypnosis is a totally natural modality that can empower clients to access internal resources that can allow for dramatic and life altering change. While clients are in hypnosis, suggestions are given to the unconscious mind that can enable them to move beyond limiting beliefs as well as habits quickly and easily. Contrary to popular beliefs, while experiencing hypnosis, clients are aware and never relinquish control.  Andrew works with you and guides you on this profound healing experience.  Your total confidentiality is always 100% the prime directive without exception.

NLP isn't just some psycho babble, it maximises your potential & helps you succeed in anything you put your mind to. It's tried and true science, proven to be successful over and over again. Everything starts from the mind when you think big, expect big things to happen in your life. It's not rocket science because that means it achieves success! When you are in control of your mind and not it of you are in control of your life.

The key to success of these techniques is to creating and maintaining an infinitly positive mindset wired for success. Ultimately only you can control how you react to situations and what daily action you take. Like CBT, Hypnotherapy and other empowering mind therapies, NLP hotwires your brain to positive success. Embrace that change, now! We can show you the door but only you must walk through it.


Schedule a Discovery Call and i'll totally Guarantee that when complete if I don't feel you're comitted to make the changes in your life that you really can, i'll waive the consultation fee.  Change begins with you because if you want it that means greater success for you.

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